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This idea took me quite awhile to understand and use. If I’m honest, I just kind of ignored it for a long time.

I wrote songs that were for ME to sing and fit MY voice and MY style. And who cares who the audience is!!!!

Weeeeeeellllllll, there would be absolutely nothing wrong with that if I wanted my music to be just for me and myself only. But I don’t.

I am trying to grow as a songwriter. I would LOVE for other people to sing my songs. I would LOVE for other people to enjoy listening to my music. Beyond just my mom (hi mom).

Are you in this same boat with me? Then before we sit down to write that next song, let’s ask ourselves the following questions, “Who is this song for? Who will sing it? Who is the audience?”

Trust me, this will HELP you, not hold you back. Let’s say I would like to write a contemporary Christian song that I could hear on K-Love.  I need to go deeper than that. Is it for Francesca Battistelli to sing or Jeremy Camp? Because the answer to that question will change how I write the song dramatically. I need to think to myself, “Would Francesca say it that way? Does this melody go with her vibe?”

Next, I need to think about the audience. Am I writing to God, myself, the church, an unbeliever, unbeliverS, my husband, a lost loved one, my dog?? I need to just pick one. This will help focus my song and make it easier to understand whom I’m talking to and what I’m talking about. This is also going to help us write each line. How do you talk to God? If the song is to God, then write like you are talking to God…not your dog.

Lastly, think of the listening audience. Define the listening audience. Is it your church congregation or the customers at a local coffee shop? If it’s your church congregation, go another step. Is your church made up of mostly 30’s and under who are newer to the faith? That’s a way different audience than 50’s and up who are used to hearing hymns only.

What are your thoughts? Let me know your other ideas on this topic. Let’s become better songwriters!

Now somebody please go write a song to your dog. I want to hear it.