Celebrate the Wins

I wasn’t feeling it this Sunday.
I was sick.
One of my kiddos was sick.
My two year old seemed to have twice as much energy as normal.
It was raining.
My human-ness was shining bright and my Worship Leader self felt dim.
Do you ever have Sunday’s like that? Maybe the monotony has gotten to you and you’re feeling worn out. Maybe there’s something happening in your life that is pulling your focus. Or maybe you’re just having one of “those” days and all you want to do is crawl under the covers. What should we do when we run into one of these Sunday’s, Worship Leaders?
We do it anyway. We press on. We choose worship.
And at the end of the day, we celebrate the wins and embrace gratefulness.
The truth is, people pay attention to church leaders and the choices we make. Every volunteer on my music team knew I was sick on Sunday because I asked them to pray for me. Telling them this set me up for an amazing teaching opportunity. I got to be an example of how to choose worship. Leaders, your team is watching you. They get their cue from you. How do you handle a rough day? I guarantee you, if your team sees you giving 50% effort on one of those rough days, they will also give 50% effort on their rough days.
Rally around each other. Pray for each other. Over-encourage your team members when they aren’t feeling it and they will be there to encourage you when you need it.
By Sunday afternoon, I felt even worse. I was dreading the evening service. These were my thoughts:
“Maybe I can cut that hard song because I know rehearsal is going to go long.”
“Maybe I can tell the Creative Director that I can’t do the music for offering and I can just go home early.”
I pushed my excuses aside praying that God would use me in spite of my weaknesses. He did. Of course, He did! At the end of the day, I sincerely thought to myself, “That wasn’t so bad.” At that moment, I thought of several wins from the day and I realized what I really needed to combat my complaining attitude was gratefulness.
Are you with me? Can we admit our human-ness and the reality that we will have days that we just don’t feel it? And then, can we take the next step and choose worship? When we do, let’s cap off our day with celebrating the wins!
Here are my wins from Sunday:
-Starting off the second service, I began playing my keyboard and realized that I must have hit the transpose button causing the singer to start in the wrong key! Somehow, we all kept going, I fixed the keyboard issue, and the singer slowly switched to the right key. I don’t know how we overcame this rough start so smoothly, but we did!
-One of my newer musicians showed up to rehearsal fully prepared!
-4 out of 5 musicians for the morning services were memorized!
What are your wins from Sunday?